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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 021a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 20 Scroll 21

Yīn Nng Zhāi r Sng Zhī Zhĕ Tiān Jiē Qiǎn Fēi Tiān Shn
Wng Xi Guān Q Shēn Shū Q Gōng Qn Shng Zu Zhū

these tidings.
Then being able by fasting and study in retirement while chanting this to the Heavens,
all this would cause to be dispatched a Flying Apsara (Fei Tian)
so that the God-King can go down to observe the person's life's character and conduct,
and write down theit merits and achievements,
and through their diligence and toil to
achieve [and maintain a level of] superior performance.

Tiān Wn Shn Cho Lǐ D Q Sh Mn D Xūn M Wng Bǎo Jŭ Shng Zhēn
Do Bi K D Yu Xng

In Heaven the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen) hold a Court Ceremony.
The Earth Fairies (Di Qi) attend upon the Gate
[protecting it] with extreme meritous service
[against the] King of the Demons (Mo Wang).
Protected and raised up is the superior True Path [of Daoist Doctrine] (Zhen Dao).
To complete the [process] they get ready by parading and walking around

Sān Ji Shēng R Jīn Mn Cǐ Yīn W Suŏ B P
the 'Three Borders' (Past, Present, and Future Existences) to ascend
and enter in through the Golden Gate.
The welcome news is that there
are none [in need of governing so there is] no Sovereign.

W Suŏ B Rǎng W Suŏ B D W Suŏ B Chng Tiān Zhēn Z Rn Zhī Yīn Yĕ
There is no evil [so there is] no need for fasting and prayer.
There is no restraint [so it is] Unrestrained and without limits.
There is no [competitiveness so there is no] Ineptness or Coming Up Short.
The Celestially Endowed, of naive and Innocent Nature of 'True Self',
have heard the sounds of this news.

G Sng Zhī Zh Fēi
Therefore, the chanting reaches those flying Apsaras (female deities)

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