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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 021a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 20 Scroll 21

[Page 21]

Do Yn Cǐ Zhū Tiān Zhōng D Fn Yǐn Yŭ W Ling Zhī Yīn Ju Wn Z Jiē
Guǎng Zhǎng Yī Wn Y Shēng Hu Tāi Gēn

Daoist doctrine states that 'The Center of Heaven (Tian Zhong)
contains the Great Brahmin'.
This is an allusion about the boundless tidings give in old characters and script,
each and every one making up a vast amount
that nonetheless continued to expand.
The single composition to wish for is Initial Life-Transformation Fetal-Root

Dun Ch Xi Hu J B Dān Shū Sh Shng Zu Sng Dng Wn Z Shī Zi F N Qu
Yīn Ho B Jū Jiāo Sāng Jīng

for getting rid of Perverse and Dirty Qualities.
At present, with a copy of the Vermilion Book of Inscriptions (Dan Shu Shi)
one can rise up.
One should sit and read aloud the Cavity Composition (Dong Wen) and its rules
concerning corpses and their wickedness and injuries.
The [evil spirits] hide away,
concealed like sparrows on the shady side of a hill,
crying out in fear at a trinket.
They glory at the loss of an eyeball.

Y Sun Yǐn Tiān S Pi Shēn Bǎi Lng Cho Y X Tŏng Wn Shn Tiān Zhēn
Hung Rn X Shū Q Wn

Answering affirmatively to this hiding from view,
is Heaven's Element (Tian Su), which is usually worn as a pendant at the waist.
Then the body, in concert with the Hundred Energies (Bai Ling)
can go to court to give respects, and where there is announced a call to arms,
along with denouncements,
and by doing so unite together all of the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits.
A Celestially-Endowed Imperial Person (Tian Zhen Huang Ren)
in the past wrote a work having characters

Yǐ Wi Zhng Yīn Yŏu Zhī Q
considered to have standard pronunciation.
It contained knowledge of the

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