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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 020b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 19 Scroll 21

Shĕng L Hn Zh
To examine oneself critically using the Records (Lu),
the boundaries need to concentrated on.

Xī Huǎng Wǎng Dŭ
so that while wishing and hoping for the scarce and rare,
it suddenly seems as if there is nothing there.

Jiǎo Chāo Y Lng
Awakening to a Sense of having Transcended into the Ideas of the Dragon.

Shēng Qū Xing Zhōu
[to be like] the Rising Sun,
Dispelling and Soaring as it makes its Circuit.

Shn H Wn Qiū
[Or the] Divine Supernatural Tiger [guarding its] Ten Thousand Grave Mounds.

Lu Gē Xio Wǎn
The Luo River [in Henan] sings its song of howling,
roaring out its winding and tortuous [route].

Ku Mng H Jin
[Making a] knocking sound as if kowtowing,
the cries of the animals and birds harmonize with that of the mountiain stream.

Wn Je Y Chu
Questioning exhausted; the oveflowing vessel is used to propose a toast.

Hu Shū J Bin
Transformation [comes from] the Pivot (Shu) as well as does Differentiation (Bian).

Tu Xiān F Tin
[High up] the steep and rugged path, the Fairy floats above the crowd's noise.

Sōng Yng Ln Xin
On Song Mountain [in Henan] the ripples of the overflowing forest district.

Bǎo Qū Tǐ Guāng
Treasure is not the right thing for [bringing about] the body's brightness.

Fn B Y Lin
Brahmanism is spread through refinenent.

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