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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 020a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 19 Scroll 21

[Page 20]

S Q Hui Y
The elemental transformative action of the Qi (Qi Huai) is a comfort.

Hu J Shēn Zī
The Flower (Hua) leaves its traces in its intense growth.

Yn Chŏu L Shŭ
Delaying shamefulness slays the hot summer sun.

Yīng Zho Yuān Kūn
The flowers are reflected in the Deep Pool (Yuan) of the Elder Brother (Kun).

Ji D Si Jīng
When exhausted and used up, the Emperor retires into remotness away from the capital.

Y Cāng Lin Qong
The personal storehouse is [like] a vessel of fine jade.

Xi Mi Yn Shī
Red-tinged stemmed clouds are those used.

Zǐ Dān Yn Zhēng
The Son on these red clouds goes on a long journey.

Xi Zhū Wi Hu
Blossoms turning into beautiful pearls; luxuriant Flower (Hua).

Nn Hn Yu Pan
The southern boundary is antithetical.

Zǎi Tīng Yōu Gu
For the butchers to hear and obey the quiet secrets is highly valued.

Tiān Jī Jiān Yun
The Profound Secret of Heaven (Tian Ji) supervises the Fundamentals (Yuan).

Ln J Ti Mng
The black silk ribbon is the greatest thing over the dark nether world.

Kng Gū Sh Yān
Frequent solitude absorbs the smoke.

Lng Yn B Biāo
The Dragon's Motion contains a Secret Signal of Divine Gracefulness.

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