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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 019a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 18 Scroll 21

[Page 19]

Fǎ S Yn Y B Chng S Xī Yāo Sh Qǐ Jū
The hair on the head becomes pure white.
And these people breed offspring that are inept
that their following inheritors fail to succeed in the system.
And so they feel anxious knowing they will die an early death.
Their daily life is at a standstill and

Jū Bi Li Do Q Dun Xī
they feel exhausted and inferior.
The Dao can bring about the breaking away from these influences.

Sān Shī Gŭ Dng Zh Zho Sǐ Shng Jiē Dāng Xiū Zhāi Xng Xiāng Sng Jīng
Fū Zhāi Ji Sng Jīng Gōng D Shn Zhng Shng Kĕ

The Three Corpses (San Shi) agitate for the omen's portent
Everyone, when it is suitable, studying and fasting from meat,
having retired into a room to burn incense and chant the liturgies.
Now, to have a person who is fasting and in abstinence,
and is chanting the liturgy with skill
and a kind, moral heart is very important for rising upwards.

Shēng Hu Tāi Gēn Bǎo Shēn D Do Xi Ch Xi Hu Yǐ D Zho Mn Shēng Sǐ
Initial Life-Transformation Fetal-Root (Sheng Hua Tai Gen) will preserve the body.
The result will be to gain the Way (Dao).
Beneath this one must get rid of that which is Perverse and Dirty,
because with regards to time,
the mass of the people, regarding life and death, willingly receive and endure it,

Shu Li Q F Nn Shng G Yu W Ling Pŭ D Tiān Rn
and instead rely on their own happiness and good fortune
Hardship and disaster, to be overcome - for these things it is superb.
Therefore, they name it 'Boundless and Immeasurable to Relieve Souls Out of
Purgatory' (Wu Liang Pu Du).
And so can finally achieve Celestial Beinghood.

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