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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 018b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 17 Scroll 21

Hu Mi Hi Chŭn Ji Zhōng Su Jiē B Kāi Zh Mng Shuǎng Li Sh
abominable and dark intent on doing harm
wriggle their way through the joints to the Center,
acting as if they comply with the Forming Seed (Jie) there.
But nothing should cause resignation to the Nether World (Ming),
instead, straightforward one comes to the Hut (She)

Sān Zhēn Tu X Shng Xe Shng Xe
where are the Three Truths (San Zhen).
[Like] walking out and going to school

Tng Q Jiē Dāng Q Xīn Xiū Zhāi Li Sh Xng Xiāng Sh Bin Sng Jīng F D
L Jing Xiāo Zhū B Xing W Ling Zhī Wn Pŭ D W Qong

to learn how [the different] Qi all become under a single accord.
To Study, fasting from meat,
and having retired into a room for the six fixed days.
All the while burning incense and chanting the Tenth Universality (Shi Bian).
Such chanting of the liturgies brings happiness,
good fortune, and kindness,
and immediately vanquishes and eliminates all portents of evil omen.
Boundless and Immeasurable, [use of] this written work
will relieve souls out of purgatory;
[it is truly] endless and inexhaustible.

Do Yn Fū M Xe Do Qiǎn Hu Xiān Pǐn Wi Chōng Yn Yīng Mi D Shēn
Jīng Ti Yīn Ln Gu Zhī

Daoist Doctrine states that common man, having superficial learning of the Path (Dao)
[even with a recent or rudimentary achievement as]
a person of Fairy Class level (Xian Pin) does not [yet] have the full capacity
to make use of [what they know] to respond
to the extinguishment limits of the body's Sperm (Jing)

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