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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 017b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 21

Sng Zhī Bǎi Bin Tāi Gēn Qīng Zhng Mng D Gōng Sng Zhī
Qiān Bin Yŏng Dun Xi Hu M Wng

To chant the Hundred Pervasions (Bai Bian).
With the Fetal-Root clearly settled in and positive.
Using the given name describing [the direction of the] Imperial Palace
and chanting about the Thousand Pervasions (Qian Bian),
to forever abstain from perversion and dirtiness
of Mo Wang the King of the Demons,

Bǎo Yng Wn Bin Do Bi Fēi Shēng Ti Kōng Gu D Sān Ji Wi Dēng Xiān
Gōng Yŏu

is guarranteed for one to come forward and be welcomed to
the Path of Ten Thousand Pervasions (Wan Bian Dao)
so as to prepare [one] to fly up into the heavens,
the Great Void of Outer Space (Tai Kong).
To be excessive to the Three Borders (San Jie) by location,
is to become a guest on high (in death).
The Public

Wn Lng Yīn M Wng Jng Xng Ch Zh D Q Sh Wi Sng Yng B Chū
D H Wŭ Kŭ Bā Nn

hear the news.
With the Power of these tidings the King of the Demons respectfully offers
to serve that Imperial Edict formulated to bring about restriction.
The Earth Geniis (Di Qi) act as imperial bodyguards seeing one off,
meeting everyone face to face in welcome
as they draw one up from the Earth to the Door (Hu).
The Five Hardships (Wu Ku) and the Eight Difficulties (Ba Nan)

Qī Zŭ Shēng Qiān Yŏng L Guǐ Guān Lin D Zhū Lng Shu Lin Gng Shēng
Sh Wi W Liāng Pŭ D

and the Seven Founding Ancestors (Qi Zu) provide promotion forever with their left-behind Manes.
The officials that smelt and refine measure the tolerances so that the Imperial Vermilion Mausoleum (Zhu Ling) receives
and endures the refinement that gives Regeneration.
It is correct to say that what this really means is, [it is] 'Boundless and Immeasurable to Relieve Souls Out of Purgatory'.

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