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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 017a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 21

Gŭ Yŏu Ti Kōng
The Boney Framework and its Character Possesses the Great Void.

Zhōng Pn Gŭ Shī
In the center coiled around is the ancient corpse.

G Q Fēn Fēn
This is thereason for One Breath After Another.

Diāo Ĕr Lng Zhī
Withering yourself [to be like] Ling Zhi (Ganaderma lucidum).

Bāo H Y Sāi
[But the] Placenta Door is Overshadowed and so Plugs Up.

Y Hu S Pī
Then to be wishing for that moment when the Flower splits open into Four.

Xu Chĕn Q Lǐ
The Blood becomes Heavy and Sinking, taking on a Strange New Texture.

Hu Je Yun Jī
The Dirty and Abominable is [eventually] Severed,
and [so begins] the Scheme of Creation (Yuan Ji).

Wŏ Wi Shng Wng
So that we find ourselves in the location of the throne
of the Superior Monarch (Shang Wang).

Tŏng Y Qn Lng
Gathered together, the Imperial crowd of Spiritual Power (Ling).

Zuŏ Ch Y F
On the left side is held up the Jade Amulet (Yu Fu).

Yu Hū Tiān Bīng
On the Right Side there is Shouting and Calls [for] the Heaven-Sent Army.

Gŭ Jī Tāi Gēn
Poisonous Worms are stored up in the Fetal-Root.

Zh Yǐ Li Lng
To cast and take advantage of the drifting current,
out goes the Bell (Lings).

Shǐ Mng Yŏng Yn
The Mission is Everlasting Prolongment.

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