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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 016b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 21

Pŭ Jiāo Xiān Xin
'Universal-Teacher' Fairy is an Able and Worthy Person [who teaches that]

Xi J Gāng Wi
the 'Three Regions of the Bottom Aspect'
(The 'Root of the Mountain', the Anus, and the Perineum) are the key links
that are those in need of Holding Together and being kept Safeguarded

Shng J Zhū Tiān
[So as to allow] the Top Aspect to Rise to the Heavens.

W Ling Zhī o
This [thing] is Boundless and too Profound (to Understand),

Jiē Tng Wŏ Shēn
[but] with each and everything in common, including our bodies

R H Xi Hu
what then is Perverse or Dirty?

Lun Wŏ Tāi Gēn
Disorder and Trouble [spontaneously occur along with] Our Foetal-Root.

Xu Shī Chĕn Hi
Bloody is the Corpse and Heavy are its Bones.

Yīn P Jū Hn
Yin-Shaded Po (the Inferior Soul) Constrains Hun (the Superior Spirit).

Bǎo Shān Hu Xiāo
Precious-Treasure Mountain ('BaoShan') Renders into Metal.

H Nng D Cn
Therefore, how can one thing Single and Without Offspring exist and accumulate?

Xun Shu Lng F
[It needs to embrace] Profundity and receive its Effacacious Charm,

Zh Shēn D Qin
Give up character and body, and oneself become [like] an Emperor (Supreme Being)
to move forward.

Cǐ Sh Yu Xī
Right Now [plays] the Music of Happiness,

Min Fǎn Wng Yīng
[so that] the Face Returns the Monarch's Infant.

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