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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 016b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 21

Zǐ Yn Rǎo Jing Tīng
Purple clouds encircle the deep-red front yard [of the Law Court].

Gōng Zǐ Shu Lng F
The 'Young Aristocrat' gives [the instructions for] the Efficacious Charm.

D Yī F Yǎng Cn
Di Yi ('Emperor One' the ruler of the upper cinnabar field) lifts his head
and Accumulation begins.

Xi Cǐ Hu T
So decline to take the Dirty Road,

Bā Do Z Rn Fēn
for there are 'Eight Paths' of Natural Differentation.

Yŭ Gi Shū Piān Piān
The Feathered Bonnet especially flutters and dances lightly.

Yŭ Ji Sh Jiŭ Qīng
The Feathered-Carriage has remained comfortable in its pursuit for nine Dynasties.

Xī Go Hu Tiān Yīng
Brought to the edges of China (Hua), Heaven's Flowers (Ying).

Qong Wn Cn Lng Piān
Beautiful Jade characters and the wonderful Power of the Chapters (Pian).

D r S Ji M Wng Zhī Zhāng
[Lesson] Number Two
The Description of the Scope and Extent of the Kingdom of Mo Wang (King of the Demons) Section.

Miǎo Miǎo Gāo Xū
Trifling, yet tall, is the higher level of the Void (Xu).

Qong Qu
The Jade Palace-Gate Watchtowers [are both] Rugged and Craggy.

Yun Shǐ Lng Zhāng
The Original Beginning (Yuan Shi) of Power (Ling) is in this Chapter.

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