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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 016a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 21
[Page 16]

Yun Liāng D Rn Shng Kāi Bā Mn
and being principal in its capacity to bring Salvation (Du Ren),
and for its superiority in opening the Eight Gates (Ba Men).

Fēi Tiān Fǎ Ln Zi F Jn Ji S Mng Yīn Yun Pŭ Shu Kāi D Sǐ Hn Shēng
Shēn D Shu Shēng Shng Wn Zhū Tiān Zhī

The Flying Female Heavenly divinities (Fei Tian) of Buddhism
and its Wheel of Dharmic Law (Fa Lun) which consists of Suffering and Happiness (Zui Fu).
Prohibited to Buddhist monks and nuns is [any attempt to alter] Predistination
or Destiny [Su Ming Yin Yuan],
the cause of which produces effects in another stage of existence.
[Acknowledgement of this is called] Universal Acceptance (Pu Shou).
[However, causing] expansion of these limitations imposed upon a dead [person's]
Hun Soul (Si Hun) [since] the means of having life in the body is the
result of receiving life as Tidings from Heaven (Shang Wen).

Shng G Yŏu Shēng Mn Zhōng Yŏu Kōng Dng Yo Gē Zhī Zhāng
M Wng Lng Piān C Shēn Gāo Zhēn

These things mentioned above each have dealings with the Gate of Life
(Sheng Men - the Belly), which at the Center consists of an Empty Cave or Hollow (Kong Dong).
Rhyming Songs (Yao Ge) are given in each of the chapters.
These concern the King of the Demons (Mo Wang),
and the Spiritual Energy section [contains] phraseology
that can be consulted regarding the Highest Truth (Gao Zhen).

D Yī Y Ji Fēi Kōng Zhī Yīn
[Lesson] Number One]
Having the Wish to Fly Swiftly through the Sky with the Following News.

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