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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 015b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 21

W S Zhōu Hu Sh Fāng Chng Qiāo Fēi Bŭ Wŏ Yn
without color [or description],
to revert back to and help explain the information given
in the 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North
East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards).
Having Ridden on a chariot raised up by flying,
[then] taking steps with a revolving motion,

Qī Yun Qū Ch Xi Hu Dng Ku Xun Lu Chōng Y Qī Mn Gun Yǎng Qīng
Y r Sh S T Zŏng Sh Zhēn Fāng

using the Seven Fundamentals (Qi Yuan) to get rid of that which is perverse and dirty.
Then it beomes clear and transparent, having the wide outline of an Armillary Sphere (Xuan) which is like a net filled to the brim.
At the Seven Gates (Qi Men), to instill in and raise up a young Cerulean shoot there were twenty-four drawings collected together [giving] the true directions of

Bā Jǐng Mng H Shēng Jing Hn Hung Zhōng Yŏu Xun Yī Shng D Gāo Zhēn Fn Jǐng Ti Xi Xio Yŏng Dng Zhāng Jīn Zhēn Lǎng Y Li Xiǎng
the Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing).
Deep from within the Nether world (Ming),
harmoniously ascending and descending, mixed up with the Yellow,
the Center has the Divinity known as Mystery-Unity (Xuan Yi),
the Supreme God of the Highest Truth (Gao Zhen)
from within a drifting scene of great red-tinged clouds,
there comes a roared-out recitation of the the Cavity Chapter (Dong Zhang)
regarding the Golden Genuine Light (Jin Zhen Lang),
luxuriant as it drifts about.
Sounding out

Yn Yng Y Yīn Sh Q Lng Fēng J Yān Zǐ Xū Y Xi Fŭ Y Wn Xiān
from the Cloud Camp (Yun Ying) comes the beautiful news,
assimilating it conserves the health,
the Qi [flowing] like powerful winds,
gathering together as smoke,
purplish-violet in the Void (Xu),
luxurious and fully fragrant,
being an assist to the Thousand Fairies

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