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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 015a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 21

Wēi Lng Wn Bǎo Zh Ji Yn Shǐ Tiān Zhǎng Cn Fn Q M Lu Wn Fn Kāi
Zhāng Yun Gāng Li Yǎn Sān Sh r

A Bright Young Man (Long Wen agreed to guarrantee and preserve the Control Formula (Bao Zhi)
regarding Calamity and Good Fortune,
employing Heaven and Nature to allow one to live forever.
[Unlike] Buddhistic Influences (Fan Qi) that have things filled to overflowing
with their collection of a Thousand Laws (Wan Fan),
the first order of business is that [from] the Primary Main Principle's (Yuan Gang)
circulating around, there developed the Thirty-Two (San Shi Er).

Tiān Xi Di Yī Tǐ Hn Hu Wŭ Shn Zhēn Mng Yīng Xiān Xun Jǐ M Ln Jiŭ
Fŭ Li Qīng Li Zu Lin Tāi Xun

Down to the Land Under Heaven (Tian Xia- the World)
these reached to the whole of the people concerned,
What was mixed up before was now transformed by the Five Gods (Wu Shen)
so that there is truly a life that is suitable for a Fairy's profound discipline
given by the silk-cap of imperial status of the Nine Prefectural Mansions (Jiu),
with their six high officials all in a row,
being on a lotus with the Supreme Mystery (Tai Xuan - the Daozang's first of
the 'Four Supplements' which relate to the Dao De Jing) of

Yī Dng Hn J Dŏu Ku Ku Zuŏ F Huŏ Wng Yu Din
the One Cavity (Yi Dong).
The Superior Vital Spirit (Hun) sits on the Dipper (Dou),
straddled on both sides,
having a Chief (Kui) on the left side who supports in his hand Fire (Huo),
and a King (Wang) on the right sid ewho pours out a libation to the dead.

B Yīng Sǎo Hu Ch Xi Y Lng S Kāi Wi Zhng Jīn Chn Zh Do
Wn Lng Ln Zhun

The Uncle of the Infant (Bo Ying) sweeps away all that is dirty,
and gets rid of that which is perverse.
Jade Energy (Yu Ling) is found at the Four Openings (Si Kai) to the place
where is proven at the Golden Apartments of the Emperor (Jin Chen)
a method worked out to reach the Thousand Marvellous Spirits (Wan Ling).

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