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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 015a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 21

[Page 15]

Kōng Dng Jiŭ Xun Y D Xun Lng Zhāo Xi Sn Jǐng Hn Xū Zǐ Yān
Jing Shn Y Fēi Wŭ Hu Tāi Xiān Do

concerning the Hollow Cave (Kong Dong).
There are nine Dark Profundities (Xuan),
and the Jade Emperor (Yu Di) with his Profound Power (Xuan Ling)
beckons from the red-tinged clouds to the three Scenery Spots (Jing)
contained in the Emptiness (Xu).
With Purple smoke falling around the divine Jade Concubine (Yu Fei)
dances and brandishs flowers for the Fetus of the Fairy Way (Tai Xian Dao).

Bĕn Shēng Hu Lng Gēn W Yn Gāo J Ti W Shng Li Zhū Tiān Tiān
Shng Tiān Xi W Yōu W Mng W Xng W Yǐng

This is the Root of Initial Life-Transformation (Ben Sheng Hua).
It is the Root of Marvellous Profundity (Ling Gen).
Vast and boundless, it is the highest,
and most zenith [First Principle] and greatest of all (Gao Ji Tai).
Therefore, there is nothing superior to the ranking of the Heavens.
For there is the Heavens (Tian Tian) and the Land under Heaven (Tian Xia).
Bottomless and Hidden beneath is the Nether World (Wu You).
This is Nothingness, the Nether World (Wu Ming):
Without Form or Contrast (Wu Xing),
Without Shadow or Reflection (Wu Ying).

W J W Qong Mng Xǐng D Fn Lio Ku W Guāng Ch Mng Kāi T Yn D
Z Rn Yun Shǐ Ān Zhn Fū Lu

There is the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things without end (Wu Ji),
Endless and Inexhaustible (Wu Qiong),
like a Sea or Watery Expanse (Ming Xing),
like a Great Wind Sighing in the Trees is the Great Brahmin (Da Fan),
Boundless and Vast (Liao Kuo).
Without any [other] light there is the Brilliant Red (Guang Chi Ming)
of the Open Drawing (Kai Tu) the use of which [displays] the limitations of Nature (Zi Ran).
The Beginning (Yuan Shi) is peaceful at the garrison town,
from where it was spread out and then left behind.

Wŭ Piān Ch Shū Y Z Bā
Five Chapters of the Red Book (Chi Shu) [are given],
in beautiful characters the Eight-Prestige (Ba Wei),
[as are] the symbols [written upon a baton] denoting power.

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