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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 014b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 21

Xīong Yo Yŭn Xī Xi Jīng F Zng Ho Q Chn Jiē Sān Dān Y Fng Gng
Fŭ D Hu Qu Mi Xīong Shuāi Li

Unluckiness and cruelty.
These Supernatural Times and Events bring about the death of Qi,
and badness to the Essence (Jing).
But hidden away are the great influences,
wrapped together to form the Three Cinnabar Pellets (San Dan) of the Jade House,
all share in assisting the Emperor with transformation.
In fact, bringing on Extinguishment (Mie) causes Unluckiness (Xiong) to wane.
The Sixth

Tiān D Chŏu Huō Lu Zhū Cuī Jīn Guāng Sn Jǐng Y Do Jiāo Ch B D Qī
Zŭ Bn Je Bǎi Fēi

Heaven (Liu Tian).
Great Ugliness (Da Chao) is broken up, and sinks down to be punished and destroyed
by the golden rays of the Three Scenes (San Jing).
The Beautiful Path (Yu Dao) has a place of intersection
where one can turn eagerly to and select out of consideration,
the Seven Founding Ancestors (Qi Zu)
who will reject absolutely a hundred wrongs.

Sān Guān Hēi Shū Yŏng Lu Hu Jī B D Rng Yǐn Mng Zhng Yun Jī Pŭ Go
W Qong Wn Shn Zŏng Guī Yu Yn Y Qu Li Yn Ti Wēi

The Three Officials (San Guan) had the Black Book (Hei Shu),
[which describes being] perpetually left behind to fall into Disaster (Huo).
This key must not be allowed to appear from where it is hidden from view,
but it is to be known that during the first month of the lunar year,
the Scheme of Creation (Yuan Ji) is to be made public.
Inexhaustibly, the thousand divine spirits can collect together and return
to ramble about and entertain at the banquets at the Jade Palace
and assemble by rank to talk about things great and small

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