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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 014b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 21

Wng Fā Xi Mng Shn Hung Tiān M Wng Dng Guān D Yīng Wŭ
D D M Wn Shn Zhī

King (Hei Tian Mo Wang).
To cut down the perversities of life there is the Divine Magic (Shen)
of the Yellow Heaven Demon King (Huang Tian Mo Wang)
who from the Cavity is able to observe those great heros,
the 'Five Emperors of Old'.
The Great Demon (Da Mo) and the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits whose

Zōng Fēi Xng Sān Ji Zŏng Sh Zhēn Tāi Huī Xi Mng Lng Qī Guān Ku
Kāi Li B Mio Shng Bin

collective purpose is to fly to the Three Borders (San Jie).
Together they conserve the health of the True Fetus (Zhen Tai),
and wipe out badness from life.
With Marvellous Power (Ling) the Seven Barriers are kept wide open,
by circulating around is spread the news about the wonderful Upper Transformation.

Jiŭ Hu Hu Zh J Dng G Ru Tng Fēi Tiān Zhēn Chng Mng Zho
Zh F Xing Zhēn

The Nine turn around the abominable and stagnancy,
so that it also rinses this away from the flesh and bone (Gu Rou).
In similar manner a Flying Apsara (Fei Tian)
truly undertake to carry on with Life and Fate,
summoning the cause of Happiness and Good Luck (Fu Xiang),
Clearly [bringing one to be]

Ni Chōng Shn Wēi Wi Zhāng
internally filled with Divine Prestige and Invincible Might (Shen Wei).
And externally to display Magnified (Zhang)

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