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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 014a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 21

Zhū Jiĕ Sn Jiē Ji Dun Je Bāo Gēn Fēi D Wŭ H Mng Li Ti Xun M
Wng Jiān Jŭ W Jū Tiān Mn Dōng Dŏu Yn Shēng Xī Dŏu Lin Bāo Bĕi
Dŏu Ch Hu Nn Dŏu

bringing into effect completely 'Untying and Loosening (Away)
the Knots and Joints' (Jie San Jie Jie),
'Breaking Off the Placenta-Root' (Duan Jue Bao Gen),
and 'Flying at the right time through the Five Doors'
are the names given in the ranking order [of the]
Supreme Mystery (the Daozang's first of the Four Supplements,
these relating to the Dao de Jing)
Out of the King of the Demon's (Mo Wang) prison one is raised up there are
placed no constraints on the 'Heavenly Gates'.
[Accordingly,] In the East the Dipper Prolongs Life.
In the West the Dipper Refines Placenta.
In the North the Dipper brushes away that which makes dirty.
In the South the Dipper influences and transforms the Fetus.

Hu Tāi Zhōng Dŏu Hn Dng Yī H Shēng Shn Qīng D Hui Fēng Bi
D Mng Lng Ch D Bǎo Gēn Hēi D Zǎo Xng

And in the Center the Dipper gets along with Chaos in the Cavity.
All of these harmonize to produce [the following] Gods:
The God of Spring (the Cerulean Emperor) Controls the Coming and Going of the Wind.
The God of Autumn (the White Emperor) Controls Fate and the Spirit-Energy of beings.
The God of Summer (the Red Emperor) Protects the Root (of Origin)
The God of Winter (the Black Emperor) presides over Bathing of the Body.

Hung D Shŏu Zhōng Tāi Hu B Shēng Qīng Tiān M Wng Y Zhŭ Dng Lu
Ch Tiān M Wng Yn Guāng Mi Jīng Bi Tiān M Wng Dun Bāo Jiāo
Zhēn Hēi Tiān M

The First Yellow Emperor who is god of the Center (Huang Di Shen Nong)
keeps watch from within the Center so as to defend the Foetus,
[for it is] abominable not to produce life.
The 'Cerulian Heaven' Demon King (Qing Tian Mo Wang)
[Treats] luxuriantly the Pearl in the Cavity as if it were sitting in a net.
The 'Red Heaven' Demon King (Chi Tian Mo Wang) [using his] Burning hot Brilliant Rays,
[is able] to extinguish the life-force [of evil demons].
The 'Daytime' Demon King (Bai Tian Mo Wang)
[impedes] the breaking off of the Placenta,
associating in this with a friendship that is true.
The 'Night Time' Demon

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