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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 014a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 21

[Page 14]

Zi Yŭ Tiān Tng Shēng Yǐn Xu Yo Jīng Qin F Tāi Gēn Shǐ Mng Yāo Y
that is wicked and injurous; wanting to murder Heaven itself.
The same things is meant for life itself.
To Drink the blood and turn away the Essence (Jing)
that goes to the hidden and dormant Fetal-Root.
The mission is to cause it a young death and so close off

Xiān Do B Chng Shī Guǐ Gǎi Y Fēi Shēn N Wn Yǐn Zng Bāo
D Yīn

the Fairy Path to Immortality (Xian Dao).
But it won't do for the corpse that the ghost can switched over.
Change [can be carried out] by flying up in the body to the Brain (Ni Wan),
and be concealed in the placenta like it is a fruit's base of made from Yin.

Gu Wi Xi R Dēng Xun Chuāng Xūn Lun Chn Xi Shng D Zhǎn Cuī Shn
Yn Y Tng Jiŭ H

constructed to keep external the badness (Xie) so there can no joining together,
one needs to ascend immediately to the Black Window (Xuan Chuang) to cauterize
the disorder and trouble at the Emperor's private apartment in the red-tinged clouds,
the Supreme God (Shang Di) through beheading causes its destruction.
after this the Divinity rests at the Jade Meeting Hall (Yu Tang)
The Nine Agreements (Jiu He) and the

Sh H Bin Hu Kōng Chng W Liāng Zhī o Shēn B Kĕ Xing Fū Lu Shn Zhēn
Pŭ D Tiān Rn Jīn R Xīn Qng Shu D L Guān

Ten Harmonies (Shi He) along with Change (Bian Hua) in the Emptiness of the Void (Kong)
constantly provides Boundlessness and Immeasurabilty (Wu Liang).
This work is hard to understand and very intense,
it is imperative that the details be sufficiently left behind,
so that a God can truly [be accessed to bring about] relieving souls out of purgatory.
Celestial Beings (Tian Ren) will at present rejoice in the good luck
[of being given the opportunity],
and endure the time needed to go through the barrier

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