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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 013b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 21

Mng Jng Y D Tiān
'A ray of light (Mang) competes at the point of the limits' Heaven.

D Bng Q H Wn
Emperor 'The combined influences of the kettle are used up'.

Guān Zh J Yu Tiān
'The spectacle of India is auspicious still' Heaven.

D Zhng Je J Xiān
Emperor 'At the first month of the lunar year, there is the penannular jade ring of
the silent Fairy'.

Sān Sh r Tiān Sān Sh r D Zhū Tiān Yǐn Hu Zhū Tiān Yǐn Mng Tiān Zhōng
Kōng Dng Z Rn Lng Zhāng Zhū

There are thirty-two Heavens [with these also having] thirty-two Emperors.
The Heavens are hidden from view and have taboo names.
All of the various Heavens have these Sectet Names (Yin Ming),
such as the Heaven at the Center which has a Hollow Cave (Kong Dong).
This is the Natural Power (Zi Ran Lin) Section.

Yǐn Yn Dng Zhēn Zhī Yīn Dng W Zhī Zūn Dng Guān Zhī Shn Sh Zh D
M Bin Hu Shn Lng Chu Fi Tūn

The rhymes from the Cavern of Perfection [Tradition] are from the Tidings of the Cavity,
and are not used to honor the Cavity.
They are to show how the gods act to work out ways to control
the Great Demon (Da Mo) who wishes to change the Spirit-Energy (Shen Ling).
Sniffing out the odor contained in the Lungs (Fei), forcing a gulping down

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