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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 013a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 21

Lng X Hn Gān Tiān
'Marvellous Power's (Ling) task can be confused with the Sweet (Gan)' Heaven.

D Chǎn Qi Nng Fāng
Emperor 'Bearing the Globe (Qiu) with fixed attention to its Direction (Fang)'.

Ju Lo Zhǎo T Tiān
'Rescued from the prison , seek for all to be blotted out' Heaven.

D B Shān Dū Zhēn
Emperor 'Sheltered by the mountains, this Capital is the True one'.

Li Yo Jing Zhāng Tiān
'Drifting and shining; the deep red medal' Heaven.

D Jn Guān Qu Zho Xuān
Emperor 'Having advancing through the barrier, at the Imperial Palace (Que) is started the Declaration'.

Bĕi Fāng Bā Tiān
The Northern Eight Heavens

Gĕng Y Huŏ D Tiān
'Just and amiable is the Fire Emperor (Huo Di)' Heaven.

D Qing Wn Mng Hu
Emperor 'Unyielding and intact is the Brilliant Flower (Ming Hua)'.

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