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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 013a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 21

[Page 13]

Lng Xun Tāi Shn Tiān
'A Dragon in Darkness (Long Xuan) is the embryonic god' Heaven.

D Chē Ling C D
Emperor 'The vehicle at the bridge favors the Foundation (Di)'.

Qiū Dng Yng Q Tiān
'The Grave Mounds (Qiu) though calm and stable are overflowing with Influence (Qi)' Heaven.

D Y Qong Jǐng Chōng
Emperor 'Fit but poor, still to rush towards the Scene (Jing)'.

Zhāo L Zhī Lu Tiān
'Obvious is the strength of the Twelve Earthly Branches (Zhi) in the Net (Luo)' Heaven.

D Jiŭ Yng Zī Yng
Emperor 'Nine eat and drink from the herbs and the pool'.

Xio Zh Gāng Y Tiān
'Mourning extremely, at the ridge of the hill there is anxiety' Heaven

D J Gēn Hun Yun
Emperor 'The First Principle (Ji) and the Root (Gen) encircle the Primal (Yuan)'.

Dng Hu Bǎo Yng Tiān
'The Cavity (Dong) transforms the precious Yang' Heaven.

D Y Bin Z Tǎn
Emperor 'Beautiful at the Bian River is the Sandelwood (Tan)'.

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