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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 011a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 21

Zhēn Dǎo Yn Yŏng Dng Zhāng Qn Xiān Jǐng Cng Xio Gē Yōng Yōng Y
Chng Wn Q F Kōng r

the unmistakeable transmission by chanting of the Cavity Chapter (Dong Zhang).
Groups of Fairies admiring the view,
follow whistling and singing (like song birds),
a hundred million vehicles.
There are a myriad riding,
carried through the floating-Superficial Void-Emptiness (Fu Kong).

Li Qīng Guāng Hu Ji Gǎn Hu Dng Shēng Tiān Jī Chēng Xiāng Nn Chāng
Shng Gōng Hn Sī Zhŭ L Jiān Shēng D Shn Wi

They come there because of the Brilliant Rays,
circling around in their carrriages.
Driven to help others misguided to change through persuasion and example
to fix their lives with Nature's Mystery (Tian Ji).
The Prime Minister at Nanchang's Upper Imperial Palace (Shang Gong) boundary
department is managed by its Master (Zhu), who writes down the records of the Office Supervising Life (Jian Sheng).
The god for whom

Zho Tāi Gēn Shēng Hu Xun Lng Bāo Mn Zǐ Fng Zhōng Yŏu
the Omen (Zhao) of Fetal-Root Initial Life-Transformation (Tai Gen Sheng Hua)
with its Dark Mysterious Power (Xuan Ling),
[concerns itself with ] the Placenta at the gate
of the Purple House (Zi Fang) of the Center and dealing [directly] with

D Shn Ku Y Mng Zhōng Zh Huŏ Li Qin D Jn Fēn Hu Q Xu Shī Png Ji
Ch Hēi r Sh S

its god.
Kowtowing and knocking of jade, ringing bells, and Casting Fire (Zhi Huo) around,
[after which there is the] affixing of a seal.
Then there is washing, after which all is
finished up by the exhaustion of the atmosphere of its miasmic abomination.
Removal of the Bloody Corpse is done using the sound of drums
traveling through the sections of red and black,

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