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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 011a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 21

Sh Fāng Zh Zhēn Fēi Tiān Shn Wng Zhǎng Shēng D Sh W Liāng
D Shn Bng

These are the Ten Directions (East South West North East-North
East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards).
It is Extreme Truth (Zhi Zhen),
[the domain of the] Flying Female Immortals,
who help the God-King of Longevity (Shen Wang Zhang Sheng),
the one who measures out the length of one's lifetime.
Giving forth boundless salvation,

Chng Cu Xi Sān Jǐng Yo Niǎng S Yn Sh Hu Dān Y Yŭ Gi Qong Ln
Cān Ji

Riding in a chariot, showing emerald green against the red-tinged clouds.
Over the Three Famous Beautiful Scenery Spots (San Jing) in a Green Jasper (Yao)
man-drawn imperial carriage (Niang) amongst plain white clouds
just like Perfect Flowers (Shi Hua).
A red Carriaged Sedan (Yu) with a feathered canopy and wheels of fine jade.
Having a three-horsed team carriage

Zhū Fēng Wŭ S Xun Lng Jin Jiŭ Do Zhāo Shn Zhī Ji Qī Je Shuāng
Lu Zhī

of bright Vermilion,
upon winds of all five colors (green, red, yellow, white, and black).
A Black Dragon (Xuan Long) advocates nine new-built pathways,
where beckons their Divine Spirits (Shen) at their node-points.
There passes a four-lined, seven characters per line Poem (Qi Jue)
[inked] upon a frost-white silk gauze

Fān Qin Xio Jiŭ Fēng Q Chng Hu Chuī Bā Lun Tng Mng Lng
funeral banner, and marching ahead of it,
the howling and roaring of a chorus of nine winds.
In the background, is [heard] the playing
of wind instruments [such as flutes and horns],
and eight [phoenix bridle-type] bells,
sounding together like the rings and cries of birds and animals,
and the powerful

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