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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 009a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 8 Scroll 21

Wn Yo P Fēi H Yān D Zhēn Bāo Mng C Mng Shng Xun Lng Fŭ Sn Lǎng
Wi Dēng Gāo Chn Y B Xiāo Ti Y Shān Shng Jīng Shng J W Shng D Lu Y Qīng

tells the news to the sound of a flute.
The Sovereign (Pi) simply draws together in the smoke,
the Emperor and the genuine [facts about] the placenta.
Concerning Life and Fate (Ming) there is given a discourse upon Heaven,
the Heart (Shang Xuan), and the mind (Ling Fu),
which is spread loud and clear.
To get to the place one has to ascend the heights
to the Emperor's private apartment in its luxuriance,
afterwards going up to Desolate Terrace (Xiao Tai) on Jade Mountain (Yu Shan),
and then proceed upward to the Capital,
Nothing is superior to the highest of the thirty-six heavens (Da Luo),
which is Jade Clarity (Yu Qing).

Miǎo Miǎo Ji Rn Ru Wng Ru Cn Xi Bi Yī Shēn Zhŭ Zh Qī Guān Sān
B Bā Jǐng Sēn Li Wn Shn Sān Hu L Bin D Yŏu Mio Tīng Jīn
Qu Y Fng Xun

A trifling calamity it is when measured is perishing,
like being stored down below to form [the material needed]
to complete the Single Body (Yi Shen).
The gods worked out the system of the Seven Barriers (Qi Guan),
and the Three Sections (San Bu- the Head, and the Upper and Lower Extremities),
the Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing),
where are multitudinous rows of the Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen).
These can be likened to Three Flowers (San Hua).
Leaving away the Large Existence (Da You) can be Wonderful and Subtle (Miao),
for in the front yard of the Golden Palace (Jin Que)
is the Jade House (Yu Fang) of Profundity (Xuan)

Huī Yo Lng D B Zhng Q Zhōu Hu Sh Fāng Zhōng Yŏu
Brilliant and shining,
the Marvellous Power (Ling) is spread on the
first month of the lunar year.
Its influence reverts back to and help explain the information given in
the 'Ten Directions' (East South West North East-North East-South West-South
West-North Upwards and Downwards)
It is the Center that deals with

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