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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 009a21

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 8 Scroll 21

Zǐ Xi S Yn
violet red-tinged Sunset (and Sunrise) Clouds [amonst] the plain white Clouds.

Y Yīng Jīn Guāng Jing Qu Shn Ch Wǎn Zhun Lng Fēng Xi Yŏu Bǐ
Dū Wn Guǐ Zhī

The Jade Infant (Yu Ying) is seen in a golden light.
At the imperial palace gate watchtowers there is the Divine Pool (Shen Chi),
round about it all the Ling River flows.
The wind blows downwards as if this were a capital of ten thousand ghosts.

Yng Qīng Gŭ Bi Gū Sh Zho
At the Barracks are the cerulean Poisonous Worms of the Belly (Gu)
by which the white young lady is being eaten away.
But the Omen's (Zhao)

Guāng Tāi Lng Ch Hēi r M Zi Mng Zhī
bright rays light up the Fetus and its Marvellous Power.
Red and black are the two demons wickedly attempting to injure life.

Jī D Jūn F Go Ch Zhǎn Xu Shī Xǐ F Tāi Hu Yŭ Q Jiāo Bng Gŭ Yĕ
Zhēn Yun Yn Hu

The basis of the Supreme Monarch Charm (Di Jun Fu) is that
it is used to bring these things to an end through imperial edict,
and the beheading of the bloody corpse.
Bathing the floating fetus of any dirtyness,
this together with the [help of the] Qi to be mutually combined
to be beaten and smelted into the True Origin (Zhen Yuan).
This all being the movements of Fortune and its Transforming Influences (Yun Hua).

Ti Mng Shng Gōng Yun Xū Dng Fng Xun Dān Mng Tng Ch Huŏ Fn Jn Xi
Gēn Jiāo Nŭ

From the great darkness that is The Netherworld (Ming),
one rises up to the Imperial palace.
Circular in the Emptiness (Xu) is the Cavity House,
known also as the Bridal Chamber (Dong Fang),
Dark-Mystery (Xuan) and Cinnnabar Brightness (Dan Ming) show the Bare Child (Tong)
holding a fiery torch to burn to cinders the Perverse Root (Xie Gen).
A charming and delicate young woman (Jiao Nu)

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