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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 008a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 21

Dōng Xing Ku Chǐ Sān Sh r Tōng Shng Wn Sān Sh r Tiān Xīn Bi
an eastern direction.
Then Kowtow, while simultaneously making inquiry and mentioning
the Thirty-two Transmissions of Superior (Heavenly) Tidings,
thirty-two times to Divine Will and Providence in acknowledgement and obeisance,

Sān Sh r B M Jng Sī ShēnZu Qīng Hung Bi Sān S Yn Q Zhī Zhōng
Ni Wi Wĕng Sān

and [lastly] thirty-two times to shut the eyes and calmly deliberate upon
one's body, character, and conduct, sitting like a vessel on a fire.
Cerulean, Yellow, and White are the three colors of the Clouds of the Qi,
and their influences are upon the Center (Zhong), the Inside (Nei),
and the Outside (Wei) are luxuriant.

Mng Yŏu Qīng Lng Bi Hŭ Zhū Qu Xun Wŭ Shī Zī
The Nether World (Ming You) has the Cerulean Dragon, White Tiger,
Vermilion Sparrow (the Rosefinch), Black Valiant Lion, and White Crane

Bi H Lu Li Zuŏ Yu R Yu Zho Mng Dng Hun Sh Ni Sān B Bā Jǐng
r Sh S

arranged in that order from left to right.
The Sun and the Moon illuminate the Cavity thoroughly so that the shining interior area,
the Three Sections (the Head, and the Upper and Lower extremities),
the 'Eight Auspicious Prospects', and the Twenty-four

Zhēn Hun Wi Yn S Xing Shēng Yun Qun
Genuine Rings of Guards.
Solemnly, a sum of money is to be produced
consisting of Yuan Quan (an ancient type of) Coin.

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