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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 008a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 21

Jiŭ Gōng Shn Gi Tng Zī Zhōng Ch Ni Shn Gǎn Lin Bin Y Shēng
Hu Tāi Gēn

The Nine Palaces are a divine canopy over the boy (Tong Zi) of the Center pool inside,
where gods move to refine and cause Change (Yi).
Initial Life-Transformation Fetal-Root is used

Dun Ch Xi Hi Shǐ Shēn B Qīng Hn Shn Dng Zhng Wn Q Zhǎng
Cn B Jīng Kŭ Nǎo Shēn Yŏu

to get rid of perverse and dirty qualities.
This causes the body and life to proceed with no deviation.
One's Superior Vital Spirit (Hun) and gods are clarified and made positive.
The Thousand Influences (Wan Qi) bring increase and strength to
enable one to not have to pass through trouble or distress.
The body becomes

Guāng Mng Sān Jiŭ Sh Wi Wŭ Chng Sī Yǐng Wn
Bright and and Pure-Minded (Guang Ming).
At the Three Borders (San Jie- Past, Present, and Future Existences)
one is attended upon by the garrison,
and at the Normal Motion of the Five Elements (Wu Chang) Department
one meets face-to-face with the Thousand

Shn Cho Shn Mng Shū Shng Tiān Gōng Mǎn D Ju Fēi Shĕng Shng Qīng
Gods (Wan Shen).
At the Court of Imperial Dignity (Chao Shan) is expressed the name
of the famous Book of Heaven's Achievement (Shang Tian Gong),
filled with the virtue and kindness that allows one to right away fly up into Heaven,
ascending to the Highest Clarity (Shang Qing) Tradition (of Daoism).

Do Yn Xng Do Zhī R Jiē Dāng Xiāng Tāng M Y Zhāi Ji R Sh
Daoist Doctrine states that the Current procedure is for each and every day
to draw scented hot water to immerse oneselves in,
and bathe [thoroughly].
[Observing the rules of] fast and abstinence to then go into a room and face in

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