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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 007b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 6 Scroll 21

Chēng Ti Png Bā Ji Zhī R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng D Wi Jiŭ Gōng Zhēn Rn Chēng
Great Peace (Tai Ping- this being the Daozang's second of the Four Supplements,
relating to the work 'Tai Ping Jing').
Eight Sections of it [were used] in the daily recitation of these scriptures.
The result is that of the nine palaces of the Perfected One (Zhen Ren),

Sān Yun Sān Gōng r Sh Qī Zhēn Xong Yī W Yīng C Yī Bi Yun Wŭ
Gōng Gē Ŏu Jiāo Bin Yu Xun Shēng Hu Tāi Gēn

the Three Origins (San Yuan - Heaven Origin, Earth Origin, and Man Origin)
each have Three Palaces (San Gong).
Twenty-seven there are truly.
The Masculine One (Xiong Yi - Ruler of the Lower Cinnabar Field) and Wu (Nothingness),
while like a beautiful flower is the Feminine One (Ci Yi - Ruler of the Middle Cinnabar Field)
of White Fundamentality (Bai Yuan),
in the Five Palaces (Wu Gong) of the Elder Brother (Ge)
mate together and provide variance
again and again with the Dark Mystery (Xuan) and
Initial Life-Transformation Fetal-Root (Shen Hua Tai Gen)

Sǎo Zhū Xi Yun Yn Jīng Li Guāng Y Yīng Shēng Lin D Yī Zu Tn
all together will punish perversity.
The source of the pregnancy,
the Essence (Jing) circulates brightly around the Jade Infant (Yu Ying) [giving] life.
The Lotus Emperor (Lian Di),
alone he sits on the Platform,

Wn Lng M Xiān Bĕn Mng Zhī
[before] with all of the myriad Marvellous Spirits.
Nothing is to begin before the Ben Ming (the Book of Natal Destiny
which denotes the time and governing deities thereof) is to be used

R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Sh r D Jiē Sān Bǎi Lu Sh G Ji Bā Guān
in the daily recitation of the Scriptures,
the twelve major Knots (Da Jie),
the three-hundred and sixty Bone-Joints (Gu Jie),
the Eight Barriers (Ba Guan)

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