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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 007b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 6 Scroll 21

Zhng Wn Tōng Zh Hēi Chng Zhī F R Zho Png Guāng Zhōng Shǐ Bāo
Tāi Shī Mi

In Zheng (an ancient state in what is now Henan),
a writing expert achieved a break-through in the grasping of
the Secret Principles (Hei Chang) used in making up Charms (Fu)
so that they comformed to what was Fortold by Omen (Zhao).
For example] the Bladder (Pang Guang) by the Center is employed
for the Placenta (Bao Tai) so that the Corpse is
extinguished like putting out a light.

Bǎi Hi Je Xi M Yo Shuǎng Rn G L Xu Zho Tǐ Yŏu Wŭ D Zhī
Therefore, a hundred abominations are held back and then cut off,
as also are Evil Spirits and Demons.
Regarding supernatural times and events,
it is quite correct that 'Skeleton Trickling Blood' (Gue Li Xue)
is the Omen that portends the body's dealing with the Five Emperors of Old(Wu Di).

Y Huī Min Yŏu Li Jīn Zhī Ho Zī D Yŭ Ti Yī Gōng Qǐn Ku Bo
Mng Yu Wi

With Beautiful Sunshine (Yu Hui) on the face,
circulating around with the golden bright and luminous looks of an Emperor,
a Supreme Being together with the Great One (Tai Yi),
the Duke who is Father-in-law and chief of the sleeping chambers,
also the Chief (Kui) who hugs the Child under the Bright Moon (Ming Yue),
these represent

Guŏ Wng D Zhŭ Jūn Chn F Zī Ān Zhn Guŏ Zuŏ Bǎo Tiān Zhǎng
Cn Sh Sh B Je Chng Wi

the King and Emperor, the Monarch and his subjects, and father and son,
to ensure the peace and protection of every city and village in the nation.
To confer the felicity of Heaven's protection and preservation,
thus guarranteeing [that one can] continue to live forever
through generation after generation.
Not to be exhausted, it is constant because

Rn Jūn Ān Zhn Q Fāng Mn Chēng Ti Png Bā Ji Zhī
man's Sovereign maintains a peaceful garrison town in this place
so that the people call it by the name of

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