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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 007a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 6 Scroll 21

G r Sh S Rn
each with twenty-four human beings

Yng Wi Shn Wn Bǎo H Shu Jīng Zhĕ Shēn Do Yn Zhng Yu Zhǎng Zhāi
Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Shng B Jiŭ Guān Gōng

in a garrison who guard the gods.
The charcters that give protection are received from the
Scripture that is used for the body.
Daoist doctrine states that the whole of the first month of the lunar new year
is to be spent fasting and reciting these Scriptures.
In the upper part of the body is the Nine Dragons Palace (Jiu Guan Gong)

Qīng D Lu Wn Yīng Zh Qīng Gōng Zhī
where resides the God of Spring (Qing Di) also known as the Cerulean Emperor.
Collected together are characters like a beautiful flower grasped [in the hand].
for at the Cerulean Palace (Qing Gong)

F Kāi Zho Bǎi Guān Ji Sn Jiē Jiĕ D Yī Ni Gun Zǐ Yān Gun
Shēn Shn Guāng Dng Zho Yŭ Huī Yng Xun Wi

there is the charm symbol that opens up the Hundred Barriers (Bai Guan),
and unties the knots and joints.
Through Emperor One (Di Yi), ruler of the upper cinnabar field,
this brings internal joy.
Purple smoke pours into the body and with the Divine Light (Shen Guang)
in the Cavity thoroughly shining like a mirror held in a plume of feathers,
brilliantly reflecting the sunlight.
Dark-Mystery (Xuan) is for

Shng Sh Wng Hn Dun D Di Y D Shng Nn Gōng Tiān Jī Shĕng Yĕ Qī
Yu Zhǎng

the rising up from the generations of the world.
With it disembodied souls break away from the Earth to carry out service
[as petty officials] for a time, going up to the Southern Palace (Nan Gong)
to use Nature's Mysterey (Tian Ji) to examine themselves critically.
The whole of the seventh month of the lunar year

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