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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 006b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 21

D Zu Shī Jiĕ Zhī
go through rising up from being a corpse,
being untied to then connect with

Do Hn Shn Zn Mi B Jīng D Y J D
the Way (Dao.
The Divine Vital Spirit (Hun) supernaturally is subject to a short
extinguishment without having to pass through the inferno of Hell.
The result of this is to

Fǎn Xng Yu Xng Ti Kōng Cǐ Jīng Wēi Mio Pŭ D W Qong Yī Qiē
Tiān Rn Fǎn

return with a [properly formed] body for
parading and walking around the Great Void (Tai Kong).
These scriptures [act] in a subtle manner to Relieve Souls out of Purgatory, endless and inexhaustible so that instead one and all [become] Celestial Beings.

M B Shu Qng W Ling Zhī F Shēng Sǐ Mng Hi Shng Tiān Suŏ Bǎo
B Chun Xi Sh Zh Sh Zī Zhī

There is no on who does not receive good luck,
boundless good fortune and happiness,
even the living and the dead including those illiterate
still receive the kind favor from Heaven.
However, these things of precious value are not transmitted below to the world
until a scholar

Zī Jīn Bǎo Xio Xīn Mĕng Tiān r Chun Qīng Xi Lu Mn Yāng J
gives an offering of gold coins (Zi Jin Bao).
The effect of this is for the Heart and Mind (Xiao) to form an Alliance with Heaven,
and also for the transmission in small degrees
to divulge how to defer misfortune because of

Jiŭ Zŭ Zhǎng Y Guǐ Guān Sh Jīng Wŭ D Y Tng Y Nŭ
the 'Nine Ancestoral Founders' (Jiu Zu) having increased and formed
[a collection of] petty officals [including]
the ghostly Manes (Gui Guan) the Official Aides regarding the Scriptures.
the 'Five Emperors of Old' (Wu Di),
the 'Pure Pretty Child' (Yu Tong),
and the 'Beautiful Girl' (Yu Nu),

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