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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 006b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 21

G Jiē Jiŭ Nin Shu Hu L Shēng D Wi Gu Rn r Hǎo Xe Zh Jīng
Gōng Mǎn D Ju Jiē

Repeating this pattern every nine years to receive Transformation
of officially produced Life (Sheng).
The result is becoming a noble human being.
And also if studious to the extreme until [mastery] of the Scriptures is [fully] achieved,
the result is to be filled with virtue and kindness,
moving towards the accomplishment that all can

D Shn Xiān Fēi Shĕng Jīn Qu Yu Yn Y Jīng Yĕ
gain the status of achieving Celestial-Being Fairyhood, and fly up into heaven.
There at the Golden Palace to ramble about and entertain at the banquets
at the Jade Capital as well.

Shng Xe Zhī Sh Xiū Sng Sh Jīng Jiē J Shu D Fēi Shĕng Nn
Gōng Sh Rn

There they go to school to become Scholars (Shi)
and learn to recite these Scriptures.
Each one is inspired to endure the time [needed in training]
to be able to fly up into heaven to the Southern Palace.
The Common people

Sng Tāi Gēn Zhu Lin Hu G Q Xn D Dun Mi Shēng Hu Xiān
Zhēn Xi Hn Hi P

recite out loud the 'Fetal-Root' (Tai Gen) so that wickedness and corruption
do smelt and become converted.
Therefore, the Qi seeks to break off from this,
and achieving abstainment these things are extinguished,
and Initial Life-Transformation Fairyhood (Sheng Hua) becomes truly realizable.
The perverse Superior Spirit (Hun) and the dirty Inferior Soul (Po)

To Z Jng P Yn Shu Zhǎng Nin Hu Jiē
are washed [in a pool] until they clean and pure,
so is caused the protraction of one's age and increase of one's years.
Afterwards all need to

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