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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 004b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 21

Yǐ Shu Y Wŏ Dāng Cǐ Zhī Sh Xǐ Qng Nn Yn
to still take the time to supervise and instruct us in the suitability
of these days and seasons that are connected with jubliance and happy events,
is difficult to say.

Fǎ Sh Cū X Zhū Tiān F Wi Sh Yn Zhī
The Legalists had their rough and careless knowledge of Heaven,
and [so taught that one is] to return to that location
like rapidly rising sparks from an agitated fire.

Jiān J W Y Xiǎng Sh Sh Tiān Rn Y Zh Jīng Fǎ Pŭ D J
and like those spaces between [here and Heaven],
[one was] to use a room while allowing only complete silence.
These days Celestial Beings (Tian Ren) receive the chance to take a turn at the Scriptures.
This Law allows universal attainment of success

D Jiĕ Sn Jiē Ji Dun Je Xi Yun Qīng Tŭ Guī Yǎng Xin Xng Zh
Xīn Wng Lĕi Wng Yŏu

for the time spent one must untie and loosen the knots and joints,
and cut off all that is bad and their initial sources.
The Earth must be overturned and emptied out,
and there must be given respect to the processes that are being carried out
until the Mind completely forgets Clinging Onto,
forgets Having,

Wng Hu Wng D Wng Nin Wng Qng Wng Sh Wng Dng Wng Xī Wng Xng
forgets Transformation,
forgets Getting,
Forgets Thought,
forgets Feelings,
forgets Recognition and Knowledge,
forgets Movement,
and forgets Breathing.
Simply let go and forget oneself.

Yn W Lǐ Zōng Kŏu W Y Shēng Q Tng
Speaking words that [appear to be] unreasonable or non-logical
the reason being that the mouth regardless of the sounds
is saying things that appear to being similar.

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