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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 004a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 21

Sh Zhēn Bĕn W Shēng Mi Tāi Gēn Wi Dun Zh Cǐ No H Xiāng Bin Hu
Ten Truths (Shi Zhen).
Originally not alive to be exterminated, the Fetal-Root (Tai Gen)
has not yet had a breaking away from it,
thereby causing things to yield mutually to each other through Change (Bian Hua).

D Wi Zhŏng Z Shī Xu Li Xng G Rǎng Xng Xiŭ Wŏ Suī
Transmission is necessary because those things which are Corpses (Shi)
have their blood and bones that having been covered with soil
so give the appearance of being rotten and decayed.
For one being so, then

Tiān Rn Wi Chū Sān Jiŭ Xng Wi D Hu Yŭ Do Xiāng G Zng Shǐ Shēn
Yu Zi S Jng G Y

the state of being a Celestial Being has not yet been completed.
Through the Three Borders (San Jie) the body has not yet
sprung up to become converted with the help of the Way (Dao).
The Forms (Xiang) are mutually separated however,
enabling the body to be just like before with its countenance and qualities.
Under these conditions therefore, it is

Xiāng Sh Jiē Shŏu
the Form (Xiang) that needs to be watched over and take over another's duties

Yŭ Yn Yīn Shēng B Q D Dng Shǐ Sān Shǐ Dng S Hi Xu Jiǎ Xi M Chng
X Bi Yuān Zhēn Do

by speaking the news, declaring that there is no contract with the Great Cavity (Da Dong).
This enables the Three Corpses (San Shi) to be at the [marshy] shallows
to [undergo] the rinsing away of their dirt and static blood.
The Demons try to take advantage [of this] to carry out a surprise attack
from the rear and push one aside from the True Path (Zhen Dao)

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