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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 003b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 21

Zhī Fǎ Wŏ Dĕng Z R Li Zhun B Chū Shēng Sǐ Tān Chēn Y Chī Du Zi
Zhū Yŏu

To the Method (Fa) ourselves [need] to conform.
To be on the move so as to not let rise up Life and Death,
Insatiable Desire, Anger, Foolishness, and Insanity or sink into their dependency.
But instead, bring into effect [the Method] and cause it to exist.

Suī F Y Yīn Yun D Shēng Tiān Shng
Yet, with Good Fortune (Fu) engage in the cause which produces effects
in another state of existence, and thereby gain Life in the Heavens.

r Zhū Tiān Rn i M Sh Lin Ci Shĕ Chn Rǎn Shng Jū X Chn X Q
Also, the heavenly Man (Zhu Tian Ren) who loves being fascinated;
who longs for the ability to give up all that is dirty and soiled.
Yet like things made up of fine particles of dust,
Habitual Practices (Xi Qi)

B Ch Dng L Jiē Zh Gǎn Hu Tāi Yun B D Jng Jn Shēng Gēn Jiān G Zh
Y B Jiǎn Yǐ

are not to gotten rid of by shaking them off.
Though suffering from feeling taut and sluggish,
the transformation of the Fetus (Hua Tai) primarily must not [be interfered with],
but allowed to truly be finished up by its taking root solidly.
The proof is that there is no reduction with

Zh Wi Bĕn B Zhī Do Tǐ Xun Mio Bāo Yǎng Ti Kōng Jiŭ Shng
such residence, or this ceasing because [someone has] no idea of
having the body become an abtuse bundle to be raised up
in the Outer Space (Tai Kong) of the Nine Holy Sages (Jiu Shen).

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