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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 003b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 21

Zhī Zhng F Kōng r Zh Shuō Jīng Sh Bin Xi Fāng
'Unhaltered' of Multitudious Floating-Superficial Void-Emptiness (Zhi Zhong Fu Kong),
and then going on to explain the Daoist Doctrine of The Tenth All-Pervading
Universality (Shi Bian) is that of the Lower Direction,

W J W Ling Pǐn Bā Jǐng B Xng Jūn Ch Hi Zh Zhēn D Shn
W Yāng Zhī Zhng F Kōng

the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things, being of Greatest Quantity and Quality,
the Eight Auspicious Prospects of the Divine-Secret Body-Shape Sovereign
(Ba Jing Bi Xing Jun), who sweeps away that which makes dirty.
In this regard he is the God 'Unhaltered' of Multitudious Floating-Superficial
Void-Emptiness (Da Shen Wu Yang Zhi Zhong Fu Kong),

r Zh Sh Bin Zhōu Jng Sh Fāng W J Tiān Zhēn D Shn Yī Sh Tng
Zh Guŏ Nn Nŭ

and then going on to explain that the Ten Universalities means to
cycle eventually through the entirety of the 'Ten Directions'
(East South West North East-North East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards).
The Unbounded Pre-State of All Things Without End Celestially-Endowed Diety (Wu Ji Tian Zhen Da Shen).
For a while, it was the same in most of the country, that men and women alike,

Qīng Xīn Guī Yǎng Li Zhĕ G Xiāng Wi Yn Yun Shǐ Tiān Zūn Zi Shǐ Qīng Tiān
with cordiality and respect were invited to come and express their views.
One of them, went by the so-called name of Primal Heaven Venerable-Worthy
(Wei Yan Yuan Shi Tian Zun), when there existed only the [concepts of the]
Cerulian Heaven (Qing Tian).

Zhōng Yǎn Shuō Shēng Hu Tāi Gēn Dun Ch Xi Hi
And in their midst did made a speech pertaining to
'Initial Life-Transformation Foetal-Root To Get Rid of Perverse and Dirty Qualities' Shen Hua Tai Gen Duan Chu Xie Hui),

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