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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 002a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 21

[Page 2]

Jī Y Hng Hun Wŏ Lng H
jade [weights] on a graduated steelyard arm,
[all of it] returning and revolving in marvellous power and harmony,

Zh Jiā Kōng Hǎi Shn Fēng Hu Hn Cu Fēng Pn Yǎn Tiān F Y

Concentrating the mind and the eyes upon this circuit,
the emptiness of the Sky (Kong) like the Sea (Hai),
crowded with Divine Spirits (Shen) in the wind circling and muddling around
emerald-green Kingfisher Peak.
Curling round so as to lay on one's back in the Sky as if swimming and floating,
shaded from the the Four Airs of Compatibility (Coldness, Heat, Lukewarm, and Cool).

Mng Qīng Yī Guŏ D Tŭ Shān Chuān Ln M Miǎn Png Yī Dĕng W F Gāo
Xi Tŭ

From the Ming to the Qing Dynasty [i.e., 1368-1644],
the entire country and all of its land,
the mountains and rivers and forests,
reflected back on remote times, when all things were equal and first-rate,
Nothing 'went up or down in the earth' (i.e., no relative superiority or inferiority),
so that the unrefined and unenlightened native peoples,

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