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DaoZang Volume 5,  Page 001b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 21

Y Zu Tiān Zhēn D Shn Shng Shng Gāo Zūn Mio Xng Zhēn Rn
to take a visit to the Constellation-Seat of the Celestially-Endowed Diety,
to see the Superior-Sage Great-Venerable Wonderous-Conduct [Senior-Level] Perfected Ones.

W Yāng Shŭ Zhng Chng Kōng r Li Jing Yān Pĕng Hu Jīng Yo Niǎng Dān
B F Ji Tng Guāng

Unhaltered, enough of them to make up quite a throng,
riding in chariots from [out of] the empty heavens,
arriving [to appear out of a swirl of] Deep-Red Smoke.
Holding in both hands flowers, brilliant and dazzling like crystal,
[in an] imperial carriage, Cinnabar [Red] and Bluish-Green on the outside.
Emerging from within the carriage's lluminous hidden interior.

Yŭ Lŭn W Mng Jǐn S Gi Yng Xi Fāng Jiŭ Q H Cǎi Dng Hun Ti
Kōng Qī R Qī Y Zhū Tiān Lu Qu Yo Kāi Wng Ho Yn
Xiǎn Xīng

Feathered are its turning wheels, and five bright and beautiful colors
make up the canopy like sunlight reflecting from red-tinged clouds.
Sweet-smelling are the Nine Breaths Harmonious in color and variety.
The Cavity shining and glowing in the 'Great Void', for seven days and seven nights,
bringing into effect a multi-storied Heavenly Palace in the remoteness
[of these things,] the Monarch made a list, written with a fine-haired writing brush.
(Hidden from plain view) a star,

Zhū Lu Wĕi R Jǐng Z Tǐng Shn Yīn Sh Huī Jīn Bō Fn
Gung Xun

like a pearl hanging suspended in a net's warp and woof,
each day naturally coming to a halt,
doing so that the Divine and Supernatural Mind-Spirit,
in its Yin (Feminine) aspect unfolds leisurely,
like a brilliant golden wave floating unguided on a bright expanse of water.

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