The Zheng Tong DaoZang Translation


Donations for the Translation of the DaoZang

Why Donate?

We are the only people who have taken on the obligation to decipher and make available the complete Daoist Canon, in a neutral translation made directly from the 1445 edition of ZhengTong. This site and the translations it provides will grow through your donations.

The donations are directly forwarded to us by Hastings Research, a company that has previously published Norman Goundry’s papers, and which is hosting this web site at no charge. Donations are entirely spent on:

  1. Funding the translations. Our largest expense is travelling to the University of British Columbia, and there making copies of their original printing from the Yi Wen edition of 1961. While the university graciously charges us student rates for copying, the cost of copying 84,000 pages adds up.

    Current funding needed as of December, 2013: none. We presently have enough photocopies to translate two more books.

  2. Expanding this web site. While Hastings Research provides us with free hosting and IT services, they do not provide design or indexing work.

    Current funding needed as of December 2013: $300. A donor has kindly provided USD 400.00 for layout improvements. However, Norman has now created individual descriptions of all the web pages, which will enrich the indexes but also require HTML pages as indexes.

  3. Developing the computer programme needed to both accelerate Norman's translation work and to train new translators in the 1445 C.E. characters. (A reader of the K’ang-hsi-ti characters can read substantial numbers of the ZhengTong characters. However, many of the nearly 64,000 older characters are unreadable to even the most literate K’ang-hsi-ti reader. Possibly more important, others have changed in meaning, changes which could potentially skew the translations.)

    Current funding needed as of December, 2013 : none. We will not begin coding the translation programme until Book 901 is completed.

All donations are welcome at any time. Our pace of translating and posting new pages is accelerating, and every donation helps that acceleration. The acceleration (while maintaining translation quality) is crucial – without it, Norman, Nicholas, and Ken will have to live to the age of 150. However with the computer programme in use and newly-trained translators, we hope to push towards translating on the order of 50 or more volumes per year – putting the total of 1274 volumes within reach.

Any questions can be emailed to us at: